We also do accept western & oriental hair cutting and haircolour.
we want you to feel your best. To cater for your every need, we offer a complete range of salon and beauty services. These begin with the highest standards of hairdressing and extend to a collection of complementary services, designed to help you make the most of your visit. Naturally, we aim to provide outstanding quality and customer services. So when you leave our salon, you will feel relaxed and happy with your looks and the level of service you have received.


Daniel Galvin is widely acknowledged as the World’s leading hair colourist.

Our colourist is trained to use Daniel’s specially developed techniques

Whether you choose highlights, half highlights, a permanent or semi permanent colour, our policy can be summed up in the words “natural beauty enhancement”. The hurakoko look is subtle, natural look which compliments your eyes, face and your style. Naturally, we use the mildest colouring products possible.


Our stylists have a strong reputation and identity of their own.

Not just for cutting, but styling to suit every occasion. Many believe your hairstyle makes more of an immediate impression than any other aspect of your appearance. At hurakoko, you can rely on a final look that perfectly suits your lifestyle and helps project your true personali


We are also looking for hilighting model on weekday. Please send us an e-mail (